About the Book



mystical mundane mama’s memoir

of making incarnate love’s ecstatic incantations 

that wanted to wake me back up

to being alive 

in joy

of this life 

and of

love’s eternal well

living in me

there is so much to say 

yet the mystery

makes me ever more so 


at how beautiful

i  t    a  l  l    i  s

Soul Satiation

by Jimena Mosquera.

Agosto 2020


all that i never thought could be so

is so 

as is 


the pleasure and the pain can coexist 

alchemy awaiting in sacred union

i n   m e

to the many dearly beloved one’s in my life

eternally grateful that you choose me every sacred day that rises and sets. 


mystic mother maker    she soulmidwife steward   sacred sex summoner 

ecstatic embodiment enthusiast   soulsalve symbol singer   permission priestess poetess

elated earth empress



Desde la tierra de tus ancestros, hasta California. Un placer conocerte, sentir esa vivacidad al leer tus correos, llenos de lunas nuevas.

Muchas gracias Jimena, por haberme dejado  palpar y sentir tu proyecto.

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